R2M Unleash the Beast 2018, Provisional Calendar Announced

R2M has announced it R2M Unleash the Beast 2018 Provisional Calendar, as per the success in 2017 season. R2M will beef up with more Music Entertainment, and to match more Lifestyle of Motorcycle Hub in Thailand.

Episode 1 : 28-29 May 2018 “Smoky Bikes Day”
Episode 2 : 12-13 August 2018 “Scramberlorter”
Episode 3 : 23-23 October 2018 “Rock-a-Willy”
Episode 4 : 9-10 December 2018 “KustobeR”
All Episode to be held at Thailand Circuit Nakhornchsri

More about R2M Unleash the Beast, please visit: http://www.r2m.tv/unleash-the-beast.html

Image: nikkasit motographer kup-thai / R2M NUKE SuperAdventure Class at R2M Unleash the Beast 2017

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